Our vision

Our vision of e-health

We see e-health as a set of tools and applications that improve the healthcare experience of both patients and professionals. You deploy these tools preventively or curatively, with the goal of making treatment more effective or efficient or even preventing it. For best results, it is important to experiment with different tools and methods and to share the results. Because there are many different applications and combinations available and that number is increasing daily.  

Our vision for content: positive health

Evie focuses on strengthening health literacy. The focus is not (only) on illness, but on people themselves, their resilience and everything that makes their lives meaningful. We believe it is important that people take control as much as possible, become more self-reliant and focus on what they can do rather than what they cannot.

Pillars of positive health

Positive health is a broad view of health consisting of six pillars. One of those pillars is participation: good contact with other people and a strong social network. We know that people function better and stay healthier when they have the support of their friends, family and community. Evie contributes to that. For example, by publishing on the platform a local offering of publicly accessible resources that help people stay mentally healthy.

Another pillar is the living environment. The physical environment in which we live has an important influence on health and well-being. Evie contributes to creating an environment in which people can remain mentally resilient, for example by facilitating healthy choices. Consider resources such as articles, podcasts, videos and exercises that help people take a step toward mental vitality.

Our sources of inspiration

We are inspired by Machteld Huber, who defines positive health as the ability to adapt and take control of life's social, physical and emotional challenges. Psychiatrist Jim van Os, who described "the new mental health care," also puts his stamp on our vision. We also enjoy working with new technical developments and scientific models for engaging healthcare professionals, such as the TAM-3 model and Quirke's staircase.

We do it together

At Evie, we work with general practitioners, often organized into Regional General Practitioner Organizations, and with various social services, healthcare and employer organizations. Each region is provided with a selection of applications and methods that professionals and patients can use. Organizations without a regional context can use our national platform with its own set of tools. We address patients directly on our prevention website, www.evie.nl. We also work with several collaborative partners.