I want to fret less

Do you worry a lot? You can do something about it! In the training 'Less worrying' you take the first step towards more control over worrying. The online self-help training provides you with tools to deal with worrying and thus reduce your worrying symptoms.

The training can be easily followed via cell phone.

What will you learn in the 'Less fretting' training?

First, you will get background information on brooding. What is mulling and what do you mull over? You read why stopping mulling can be so difficult. And you list for yourself the pros and cons of mulling.

By watching videos of counselors and experts by experience and listing your own brooding thoughts, you will gain more insight and awareness into your brooding thoughts. You will work on creating more positive and realistic thoughts. You will explore how much tension you have in your body and then work to bring more relaxation into your life.

Keeping a journal

Want to post something about how your brooding thoughts are going? The 'Worry Moments' diary is activated automatically while you are going through the training. This way you can easily list your thoughts.