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Tell your story via chat

Need advice or help?

Psychosis prone? Find more information here

Don't let uncertainties limit you.

Sleeping better, some tips.

The benefits of relaxing.

Fighting an unhealthy addiction.

Need support in improving your sleep pattern?

Take a moment to relax properly

Going through life more relaxed

Address your gloominess

Managing stress better

I want to eat healthy

Connect with peers online

Join fellow sufferers in a conversation about anxiety

Fears, what next?

Find the connection!

Which healthy living tip suits you?

What role does alcohol play in other people's lives?

Put your alcohol use on temporary pause?

What you need to know about drug use

Addicted to you: interactive video about alcohol abuse

Test your knowledge about drugs

Find your buddy and quit smoking together!

Partying with drugs? Get yourself informed.

What you need to know about smoking

How will you quit smoking? Do the decision aid.

Quit smoking? These people went before you

Need support for smoking cessation?

7 things you need to know about cannabis

7 things you need to know about alcohol

Need help reducing or quitting alcohol?

Drink less? Take the test and get tips.

Take the drinking test and get personalized advice

What you need to know about alcohol consumption

Working together on your money worries

Getting a grip on your money matters

Take the Money Fit Test

Something on your mind? Talk or chat about it

Contact with like-minded people

Everything you want to know about mental health problems in adolescents

Psychological symptoms? Talking helps

Test your mental fitness

In debt? A debt relief buddy helps

Get a grip on your money and help with money matters

Money problems? NIBUD helps you further

Come out of your debt (like these heroes)

You don't talk about money. Or do you?

Take the Less Work Stress Challenge

Tackle your work stress

Move your fit brain

5 tips on healthy living

I want healthy exercise

Know why you are eating

Take the online mulling test

Young and need help with fretting?

Grinding, fretting and brooding? How do you unlearn it?

Changing drinking habits? GP helps

Maxx app helps you drink less

Self online quitting drugs, alcohol, smoking or gambling

Living healthier with less alcohol

Quitting or reducing alcohol

Quitting blowing

Videos for young people with mental health problems

Horror in your head

Fear of failure? Talk about it. Just like Joy.

Attention to anxiety

Stress in your head and in your body

Panic or anxiety? You can do something about it

Test your self-confidence

Give yourself a compliment

Getting a grip on your dip: feeling better about yourself

5 tips for increased self-confidence

Negative self-image? Put on your positive glasses

Do the sleep self-test

Poor sleeper? Keep a sleep diary

On sleep, dreams and nightmares

Relaxation for your brain

Relaxation: explanations and tips

Stressed out? Do some relaxation exercises

Prolonged stress? Watch the video explaining

Mindfulness and its effect on your brain

Tips for staying mentally fit

Take the stress test

From always stress to occasional healthy tension

Always stressed? Do something about it

An evening of relaxation won't solve your stress. What does?

Manage your stress and prevent burnout

How do you deal with difficult periods in your life?

Get a grip on your dip

Getting to grips with your gloomy mood yourself

Gloom: don't keep running with it

Not comfortable in your skin? Do something about it!

A game of bingo doesn't help against loneliness. What does?

Is being young really so much fun?

Youth experience stories of loneliness

Lonely? You're not alone

Juniors and seniors become buddies

Doing fun things with peers

A listening ear day and night

Break through loneliness: feeling better about yourself again

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